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Every year, tens of thousands of adults and children experience sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in conflict zones worldwide. It is used to intimidate populations, control civilians, accelerate forced displacement, aid “ethnic cleansing,” and disrupt community norms.

SGBV constitutes an ongoing humanitarian crisis and serves to further isolate already marginalized populations. Too often, survivors of SGBV are unable to access justice because of lack of evidence – perpetuating a culture of impunity for crimes of sexual violence.


PHR seeks to help survivors of SGBV access justice and hold perpetrators accountable for these crimes.

By bolstering local capacity to forensically document and use evidence of SGBV, and therefore strengthening cases and accountability processes, PHR aims to end impunity for SGBV crimes.

To support this effort, the team developed MediCapt in collaboration with local clinicians and hospital partners. MediCapt is a mobile application that converts a standardized medical intake form for forensic documentation of SGBV to a digital platform, and combines it with a secure mobile camera to facilitate forensic photography.

It also enables clinicians to securely transmit data to police, lawyers, and judges involved in prosecuting SGBV crimes, with the goal of improving access to justice for survivors.


PHR plans to work with partners to scale the use of MediCapt in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kenya, Central African Republic, and beyond.

It will publish findings throughout the Journey to Scale process to share lessons learned with the broader humanitarian and human rights communities. All MediCapt support materials will be open source.

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Latest Updates

Forensic Documentation of Sexual Violence: MediCapt vs. Paper Forms

Jan 2022

Read PHR's latest blog discussing the rollout of Medicapt in Kenya and the DRC.


Development and validation of a data quality index

Jan 2022

Development and validation of a data quality index for forensic documentation of sexual and gender-based violence in Kenya


Innovative E-Health Tool Scales to the Democratic Republic of the Congo: MediCapt launches at HEAL Africa in Goma, DRC

Jun 2022

PHR have been working to launch MediCapt, a mobile application to collect and securely store forensic medical evidence of sexual violence, at their facility in the DRC.


Evaluating the effectiveness of a mobile application to improve the quality, collection, and usability of forensic documentation of sexual violence

Dec 2022

Survivors of sexual violence deserve timely and high-quality forensic examination, evidence collection, and documentation as part of comprehensive care. This study evaluated the effectiveness and usability of MediCapt to document forensic medical evidence of sexual violence.


Going Open-Source: Increasing Access to SGBV Data and Tools

Mar 2023

In 2022, PHR successfully published MediCapt 2.0’s code as open source, a significant step toward increasing access to forensic documentation tools for communities across the globe.


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