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Little Ripples is a cost-effective early childhood education program that builds the capacity of refugee women to improve the social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development of children ages three to five through in-home, state-of-the-art, and customized education.

What is the humanitarian need being addressed?

Fifty-one percent of the 65.6 million people displaced globally are children. The disruption of families and community structure as well as the acute shortage of resources deeply affect the physical and psychological well-being of all refugees, but especially young children ages three to five. The future of these children will be shaped by their experiences in refugee camps or settlements, yet there are no sustained or prioritized innovative solutions for this vulnerable age group. Consequently, generations of children continue to be at risk of irreversible long-term damage as they fall behind in their educational development from the start.

What is the innovative solution?

Through a community-led approach and state-of-the-art curriculum, Little Ripples trains refugee women to provide quality early childhood education programming in their own communities. Unlike traditional education programs, Little Ripples is refugee-led, cost-effective, sustainable, and scalable:

  • Capacity-building: Little Ripples trains and employs refugee women to co-create, implement, and manage early childhood education in their communities.
  • Cost-effective: Little Ripples is uniquely hosted in the home spaces of refugees, eliminating costly and timely construction of schools and reducing distance of learning spaces from communities.
  • State-of-the-art and flexible curriculum: The curriculum is pre-established by global experts in early childhood development and adapted to the beneficiaries’ culture and context by the refugees themselves. It is designed to improve the social-emotional, cognitive and physical development of refugee children.

What are the expected outcomes?

The expected outcomes of implementing Little Ripples Ponds in refugee camps Kounoungou and Mile, eastern Chad, include:

  • Improve the social-emotional and physical development of refugee children.
  • Train, build the capacity, and employ refugee women, with the potential to scale-up.
  • Change the humanitarian refugee response from a top-down, one-size-fits-all model to customized, refugee-led programming focused on quality over quantity.
  • Influence Education Ministries and humanitarian agencies, such as UNICEF, to adopt or integrate components of Little Ripples curriculum.
  • Influence UNHCR policy, mandated programming, and budget to include early childhood education.

Latest Updates

Little Ripples to Camps Mile and Kounoungou

01 Dec 2017

An introductory blog from iACT and Jesuit Refugee Service on their Little Ripples, refugee-led, early childhood education program.


Pebbles for the First Little Ripples

28 Feb 2018

iACT and Jesuit Refugee Service are ready to begin trialling their Little Ripples early childhood education program in two refugee camps in eastern Chad


Learning from each other

20 Apr 2018

Little Ripples Teacher Training sessions have kicked off in camps Mile and Kounoungou, eastern Chad; training that is interactive and models the environments Little Ripples teachers will create for their students.


A Different Kind of Refugee Experience

28 Jun 2018

The expansion of the Little Ripples education program to refugee camps Mile and Kounougou allows teachers to shape the growth and development of young children, whilst also gaining awareness of their own human rights through the curriculum


First Assessments Completed

01 Aug 2018

iACT and Jesuit Refugee Service have successfully completed their baseline survey assessments of 90 children aged three to five, assessing socio-emotional, household, and physical health factors


Helping her community have a better future

26 Oct 2018

With their recently trained teachers having tested out their knowledge, skills and learning for a few months, Jesuit Refugee Service will be returning to conduct Little Ripples Teacher Training II


Program measurement challenges when facing the reality of daily life

10 Dec 2018

Whilst carrying out follow up assessments, the Little Ripples team are struck by the challenge the families they work with face - one of basic survival


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