We are Elrha, a force for change in the humanitarian community. The research and innovation we support equips the humanitarian community with the knowledge of what works, so people affected by crises get the right help when they need it most.
Our purpose is clear: to empower the humanitarian community to improve humanitarian response. We make this happen by supporting and championing the outcomes of robust research and proven innovations.
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Following the launch of our Scaling Initiative – Accelerating the Journey to Scale – in May, we had huge interest from all over the world, from those currently working on cutting-edge innovations that are making a huge difference to people affected by crises.

In just over a week, we’ll be joined by 9 teams who have been selected to attend our unique three day Innovation Retreat. The Retreat, held in Oxford, will be a fantastic opportunity for teams to receive tailored support from dedicated experts, who will be on hand to help them develop a detailed scaling strategy.

Teams will then have the chance to work on a full proposal and apply for funding of up to £400,000.

We’re excited to announce the following 9 teams have been shortlisted! You can follow their progress throughout the retreat and beyond and join the conversation on Twitter #journeytoscale


Translators without borders: Words of Relief

The only service of its kind, Words of Relief (WoR) bridges existing language gaps to facilitate two-way communication between humanitarian aid providers and crisis-affected populations, improve access to life-saving information, increase the effectiveness of humanitarian response.

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Field Ready: Making humanitarian supplies in the field

Field Ready provide additive manufacturing (3D printing) in the ‘field’ where rapid, low cost supplies are needed most. They are transforming how aid is provided by moving manufacturing to where items are needed and training others in these skills. Field Ready have demonstrated the potential in Haiti and Nepal in the health and WASH sectors, and have identified need in other responses, developing their capacity to do so.

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ACAPS: Collaborative Humanitarian Data Gathering and Analysis Platform

The need for real time information and analysis in humanitarian crises is increasing. Several humanitarian organisations dedicate staff and analysis units to closely follow humanitarian crises and make sense of the information as it becomes available. However, the volume of information is rapidly increasing.

The innovation brings together initiatives and staff already engaged in close to real time monitoring. By joining resources, expert judgement and technology, it is enhancing access to data and information providers, and over time, aims to build a publicly available repository of structured data on humanitarian crises.

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KoBoToolbox / Harvard Humanitarian Initiative: KoBoToolbox

Rapid and reliable assessments are crucial to inform humanitarian action during sudden onset emergencies and protracted crises. Humanitarian decision-making, however, is hampered by ineffective approaches to data collection. KoBoToolbox is a free and fully supported platform which provides an intuitive interface for humanitarian assessments and data collection.

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Groupe URD: Sigmah

Sigmah is project management software which addresses the need for more effective integrated management of international aid projects. It makes the sharing of information easier and establishes an overview of all the projects currently being implemented by the organization. Sigmah is a collective open-source initiative to strengthen project information management capacity in the international aid sector.

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Ushahidi: the Ushahidi Platform

Ushahidi is an open source software for collecting, monitoring, and acting upon data to bring clarity to crisis. Ushahidi allows responders to gather data from people via different channels, verify those reports, and then triage response, bringing help to those in need. Ushahidi aims to give marginalised people a voice, and help those who serve them to listen and respond more effectively, addressing three key problems of the humanitarian industry: disaster response, human rights abuse, and crisis that erupt during or post elections.

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Libraries Without Borders: Ideas Box

Whenever a catastrophe or conflict occurs, international aid traditionally aims at addressing immediate pressing needs for food, shelter, health care and clothing. Once these priorities have been met, communities need a way to forge social ties and develop resilience for the struggles that lie ahead.

The Ideas Box is a portable media centre toolkit, with an in built power source and digital space, which can be set up anywhere to create a community empowering space for learning and playing.

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Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team: Missing Maps

Many of the places most affected by disaster are still literally ‘missing’ from any map, with entire rural villages, towns, and urban settlements appearing as no more than a dot.

Missing Maps is a cross-sector collaborative project to dramatically advance humanitarian mapping by filling in those blank spots. The project links remote volunteers, the private sector, and academic institutions with local organizations, communities, and aid organizations that will use the maps and geospatial data.


Panzi Foundation: Healing in Harmony

Few efforts have been made to address the problem of how best to assist survivors of sexual violence in their recovery, aid in their reintegration, promote healing in the affected communities, and bring an end to sexual violence. This music therapy programme for vulnerable communities is integrated into Panzi’s full holistic healing model for survivors of sexualized violence and traumatized populations, and so far has demonstrated statistically significant results in reducing levels of anxiety and PTSD through its unique approach to music therapy.

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