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The humanitarian aid sector needs to develop a new generation of sophisticated innovation practices. These capabilities are urgently needed to improve the ability to scale innovations and to address many of the sector’s most important, and intractable problems.

In the face of increasing humanitarian challenges, it is time to tackle bigger problems with bigger solutions. The Global Alliance for Humanitarian Innovation (GAHI) therefore advocates an ambitious systems innovation approach to complex humanitarian challenges in the forthcoming Innovation 3.0 Model.

Based on extensive research, consultation and experience, the author, Dan McClure, roots the 3.0 model in the conviction that leaders in humanitarian aid needs to take bold steps across multiple domains – to address sophisticated system innovation challenges. While a great deal has been achieved with narrowly defined innovation practices and programs, this is no longer enough. The 3.0 model and the paper behind it call for the Sector’s development of a broad new ecosystem of system innovation capabilities.

You can find out more about this Innovation 3.0 Model on The GAHI website.

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