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One in five people affected by humanitarian crises experience significant mental health concerns. Mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) interventions with the strongest evidence (i.e., specialized, face-to-face, psychotherapeutic treatments) are not designed for implementation at scale: these interventions often only reach individuals or small groups at a time, are resource-intensive, rely on a skilled workforce virtually non-existent in most low-resource settings, and address one mental health problem rather than the multiple forms of psychological distress. Further, MHPSS interventions implemented on their own may not address other social determinants of mental health such as physical health, violence, and poverty.


Self Help Plus (SH+) was developed by WHO to directly address limitations to scale of MHPSS interventions. SH+ consists of 5 audio-recorded sessions and illustrated self-help book delivered in large workshops by a minimally trained lay provider. SH+ builds on evidence of guided self-help interventions and modern stress management techniques. HealthRight International has worked with WHO and other partners to translate, adapt, and test SH+ with South Sudanese refugee women in northern Uganda over the past six years. We intend to scale SH+ through a service called SH+360. Building on our knowledge of the MHPSS space and detailed experience with SH+, SH+360 is a consultancy model of tailored support delivered across the full project cycle to help leading humanitarian partners integrate SH+ into their programming across sectors. Through this project we will integrate SH+ with programming in other humanitarian sectors, such as health and protection in Uganda.


The expected outcomes from this project include having expanded the reach of SH+ through key existing partnerships in health, protection, and/or livelihoods programming in Uganda, built a knowledge-base for SH+ in the context of real-world implementation and integration with non-mental health and psychosocial support humanitarian programming for more sustainable service delivery at scale, and to have developed an understanding of humanitarian organizations’ perceptions of value for various components of SH+360. We also plan to learn about the global market for models like SH+360 and to forge new partnerships within our networks.

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Latest Updates

Can innovative self-help workshops help meet the immense needs for mental health and psychosocial support amongst refugees?

Apr 2022

Read more about HRI's strategy for scaling here


SH+ 360: novel model for scaling up a mental health and psychosocial support programme in humanitarian settings

Aug 2022

We explore multi-sectoral integration as a model for scaling up evidence-based mental health and psychosocial support interventions in humanitarian settings.


The realities of implementing Self-Help Plus – what have we learnt so far?

Nov 2022

It has been a year and a half since we started on our journey to scale – a year and a half of initiating and developing partnerships, building relationships and co-creating pathways to scale together with our partners.


The Journey to Scale: Are we progressing?

Apr 2023

The need for mental health interventions is very high, and the services are few. We all can work together to bridge this gap. Multi-sectoral integration may well be a viable complementary approach to scaling mental health and psychosocial support interventions.


HIF Case Study: Self-Help Plus 360

Oct 2023

This study was selected by the HIF for our case study series exploring the success and impact of the project.


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