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To bring greater efficiency and effectiveness to the provision of expert support in humanitarian response by enabling cross-organisational collaboration, and local partners’ and beneficiaries’ participation.

Challenge(s) addressed

•         Existing and future high demand for reliable and timely expertise in field operations from those who need critical, technical advice or information
•         Duplication and inefficiency in having isolated support services

Innovation Factor

Developing and implementing shared processes and a supporting platform, allowing local stakeholders and international organisations to pool technical expertise, delivering and tracking life-saving information responses.

Added Value

Increasing the range of expertise open to enquirers, raising peak direct support capacity during emergency response, improving links to and utilisation of existing knowledge bases, providing a range of data on enquiry levels and type.

Innovation Phases Description:

  • 3 – Development of process and tool, including extensive piloting, and;
  • 4 – Implementation in WASH sector organisations, and promotion of the innovation within and beyond the sector.

Key Deliverables / Impact:

Deliverables for this phase include:

  • To develop and pilot KnowledgePoint in a range of environments, and to use the learning to ensure the process and software are ready for implementation
  • To support the full implementation of KnowledgePoint within organisations,  enabling technical support services to become more integrated, more collaborative and more reciprocal between stakeholders
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Latest Updates

What’s happening on Knowledge Point

10 Mar 2014

KnowledgePoint are sharing more on their project through a web presentation at 4:30pm GMT, Thursday 13 March 2014.


More visibility, more enquiries

17 Feb 2014

There has been a good increase in activity on KnowledgePoint’s live site over the last few months, and some fantastic opportunities to share the project with more people have emerged.


KnowledgePoint live: Beta testing

11 Nov 2013

While much of KnowledgePoint's current focus is on supporting pilots of the KnowledgePoint system, in parallel they are opening up their question and answer service.


Usability testing: a question of priority

29 Jul 2013

KnowledgePoint is now at the stage of adapting their platform and processes to support the pilot studies that are taking place.


KnowledgePoint’s Pilots: preparing for take-off

22 Jun 2013

KnowledgePoint’s HIF project is split into two main phases: a development phase and an implementation phase. The current phase is the development phase, and the principle component of this is the piloting process.


Avoiding the one-way conversation: from Bell to Metcalfe

04 Mar 2013

Two main processes are taking place at the moment. Firstly, the KnowledgePoint partners are pursuing early implementation of KnowledgePoint within their own organisations, and secondly they are preparing for extensive piloting to learn more about real-life usage of the system.


Refining the KnowledgePoint prototype

06 Nov 2012

Work on the KnowledgePoint platform has focussed recently on creating an improved experience for the user.


Final weeks of the Invention Phase: reflecting on progress and challenges

12 Aug 2012

KnowledgePoint reflect on the challenges they have faced during the Invention Phase of their innovation


A large HIF grant award!

30 Jul 2012

As their Invention Phase comes to an end, KnowledgePoint learn that they have been awarded a large HIF grant to continue their route forward


Building and trials begin

17 Apr 2012

Their previous post reported on the completion of the final specification, Stage 3. KnowledgePoint have now moved on to the prototype software build, stage 4 out of 5 development stages.


Progress at six months

16 Feb 2012

With a comprehensive specification for the KnowledgePoint platform in place, based on extensive stakeholder feedback, the HIF KnowledgePoint project has reached the six month mark. This update comes as they are about to embark on the build phase of the project.


The latest WASH sector innovation is not a pump but communication

16 Dec 2011

WASH sector professionals regularly hear stories of how particularly projects would have been so much better if only the key professionals driving the projects had had better information, if only they had collaborated or shared information with this or that organization.


Three months on for KnowledgePoint and the HIF

02 Nov 2011

The HIF KnowledgePoint project has been running for three months, and, as a result of our HIF grant, we have been able to increase dramatically the rate of progress towards collaborative knowledge-sharing for technical support. Here is a brief overview of progress so far…


Collaboration brings specialisation: a perspective on KnowledgePoint

20 Oct 2011

The new collaborative information service moves towards a stage where its members can quickly and easily exchange questions and answers on all issues relating to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.


More questions: reflecting on what the Humanitarian Innovation Fund grant means for technical support services

02 Sept 2011

The KnowledgePoint team reflect on what their journey so far, and what they aim to do with their HIF grant


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