Shaping the future: Our strategy for research and innovation in humanitarian response.

A global organisation that finds solutions to complex humanitarian problems through research and innovation..
Our purpose is clear: we work in partnership with a global community of humanitarian actors, researchers and innovators to improve the quality of humanitarian action and deliver better outcomes for people affected by crises.
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How we work

As a global humanitarian charity, we work with a wide range of actors, networks and partners to ensure our work achieves real impact. Our governance structure helps us to act with independence and integrity and is led by our Board of Trustees.

Our governance structure

Our Board

Our Board of non-executive trustees has overall responsibility for us: it approves our strategic direction, ensuring we focus on delivering our ambitious strategy, vision and mission. Our Board ensures we are legally compliant, approves policies, budgets, plans and manages our organisational risk. Our CEO, Jess Camburn, reports to the Chair of the Board.

Our Board is supported by a number of expert advisory and technical groups, as well as funding committees.

Matt Clancy

Governance Adviser, UK Department for International Development (DFID)

Wendy Fenton

Coordinator of the Humanitarian Practice Network (HPN) & Senior Research Fellow, ODI

How we safeguard and prevent incidents

It’s critical to us that we maintain the safety and protection of all those we work with, including our staff, governance groups, grantees, and the people our grantees work with. In addition, we have a zero-tolerance approach towards all forms of unethical behaviour, including bribery, facilitation payments, tax evasion and money laundering.

To help us achieve the high standards we set, we work day to day informed by, and accountable to, our Safeguarding Policy, Codes of Conduct, and Incident Management Policy.

How we spend our money

Our income primarily comes from institutional donors to support our funding programmes. Below you’ll find our expenditure split by programme and donor.

£5.4m Total Expenditure* *Total expenditure relates to the 8-month period from May 2018 (when we became an independent charity) to end of December 2018.

Restricted expenditure

Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF)

UK Department for International DevelopmentMinistry of Foreign Affairs, NetherlandsECHOSida{"values":["UK Department for International Development","Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands","ECHO","Sida"]}{"values":[1296692,299405,359712,111864]}{"values":["","","",""]}{"values":["\u00a3","\u00a3","\u00a3","\u00a3"]}

Research for Health in Humanitarian Crises (R2HC)

UK Department for International DevelopmentWellcome{"values":["UK Department for International Development","Wellcome"]}{"values":[177809,2536943]}{"values":["",""]}{"values":["\u00a3","\u00a3"]}

Global Alliance for Humanitarian Innovation (GAHI)

UK Department for International DevelopmentMinistry of Foreign Affairs, NetherlandsDepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade, AustraliaMinistry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark{"values":["UK Department for International Development","Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands","Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia","Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark"]}{"values":[137664,117093,129102,117315]}{"values":["","","",""]}{"values":["\u00a3","\u00a3","\u00a3","\u00a3"]}

Read our Annual Report

Get the details of our structure, governance and financial statements for 2018 in our Annual Report.

Annual Report

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