We are Elrha, a force for change in the humanitarian community. The research and innovation we support equips the humanitarian community with the knowledge of what works, so people affected by crises get the right help when they need it most.
Our purpose is clear: to empower the humanitarian community to improve humanitarian response. We make this happen by supporting and championing the outcomes of robust research and proven innovations.
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We strive to be a force for positive change in the humanitarian community. We stand in solidarity with black communities and people of colour. We share the outrage of the global community at the death of George Floyd and wholeheartedly support the global protests for Black Lives Matter.

Racism, power and privilege are embedded in the aid sector’s culture and structures that we are part of and interact with, but we are dedicated to transforming our current reality and committed to being an anti-racist organisation. This involves both an honest examination of how our work reinforces existing inequity, as well as proactively working with others to address structural and systemic racism in our sector.

But we’re not yet where we need to be.

We have developed a set of strategic commitments to anti-racism and are working on our detailed action plan to realise these as an organisational priority.

This action plan will be published here on our website very soon and we will regularly share our progress and continued learning with the humanitarian community. In the meantime, we will continue to listen and learn, educating ourselves on equity and inclusion – something made possible thanks to anti-racism advocates, such as the #BlackLivesMatter movement and #CharitySoWhite.

We are one organisation, yet through partnership and collaboration we can amplify and accelerate change for a better future.

Our commitments

We are working to embed and champion active anti-racism in our organisation and the humanitarian sector, and make the following commitments:

  1. We will be an anti-racist employer and workplace: We will work to ensure no one is disadvantaged at Elrha because of their colour. We will improve the diversity of our governance structures and review our recruitment processes to promote anti-racism and remove unconscious bias.
  2. We will collaborate with the sector and our partners to promote an anti-racism approach: We will work with peers to redress the sector’s racial inequalities and leverage our partnerships to seek changes to our joint working, where necessary. We will build diverse supply chains. We will promote and share best practice, encourage greater accountability and advocate widespread change.
  3. We will consider how our work in research and innovation can support an anti-racism agenda: We will work to improve the accessibility of funding to applicants from lower middle-income countries and ensure our research and innovation programmes and portfolios directly and indirectly support anti-racism.
  4. We will weave anti-racism into the fabric of our brand and our communications: We will redress power imbalances by critically reviewing what we say and the language we use, and through thoughtful consideration of how we visually represent the work we do. We will ensure diverse representation at events we organise or participate in. We will review and reconstruct our storytelling, using our platform to provide space for, and amplify, the voices and perspectives of people of colour, particularly in lower middle-income countries.
  5. We will nurture an environment of listening, learning and unlearning racism: We will invite speakers to discuss racism and unconscious bias, for example, and encourage safe spaces for employees to discuss how racism and privilege manifests itself in our organisation, our sector and beyond.
  6. We will develop clear and specific next steps through our detailed action plan to make anti-racism a core and sustainable part of our ethos and work: We will publicly share our action plan and regularly review and publish our progress annually, so we can be held publicly accountable for our actions and can contribute to continued learning across our sector and beyond.

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