Collaboration is at the heart of everything that Elrha does. We have a range of resources, workshop opportunities, and online services to assist the development of strong humanitarian research partnerships. Whether you are looking for research partners, exploring collaboration and establishing a new partnership, or already in a research consortium and looking for ways to improve your effectiveness, here, you will find an array of relevant online tools and resources, as well as the latest learnings, on partnerships for humanitarian research.



We know that identifying the right research partners with relevant humanitarian or research experience in specific locations is not easy. R2HC offer a research matching facility to assist you in identifying new potential partners. We also host networking events such as our 2016 Research Forum in Jordan to bring specific communities of practice together to explore research ideas.


The role of research matching is to help facilitate these connections through advertising research partnership needs we are aware of and helping to connect the right people with the right research.


Through hosting events like our 2016 Research Forum in Jordan, we hope to facilitate new connections between academic researchers and humanitarian practitioners engaged in public health research in humanitarian contexts. Read more about our Research Forum.

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R2HC have funded 27 research partnerships through the first, second and third call. Read more about them.


This online resource (also available in hard copy) introduces the concept of collaboration and the 7 key steps to making a research partnership function effectively.


If you have applied to the R2HC programme, are a current R2HC grantee, or are working in an existing research partnership we have a range of resources to support you in making your partnership work as effectively as possible.

Seed funding & Early stage partnership workshops

Strong partnerships are key to delivering effective research. At R2HC we want to ensure that the research we fund is undertaken by researchers and practitioners that value and understand the both the importance and the challenges of effective collaboration.

As part of our offer to potential grantees we invite applicants to apply to both receive seed funding and attend early stage partnership workshops at the Expression of Interest application stage. Seed funding provides partnerships with up to £10,000 to strengthen their partnership through face-to-face meetings and even conducting pilot research. The early stage partnership workshops bring together full research teams for 2 days of learning around what makes effective partnerships and provide an opportunity for teams to consult on research design, scope out an agreement and design mechanisms for monitoring the on-going health of their partnership.

Top tips for Effective partnership working

We’re constantly learning from our funded research partners about what makes partnerships most effective.

Take a look at our top tips for effective partnership working!

Mentoring and Support

For our grantees we provide bespoke partnership mentoring and support as needed. If you would like R2HC to attend your research start up meeting or offer advice and support at any stage of your research please contact the R2HC Partnerships Manager.



There is a large amount of wider reading that we would recommend for anyone interesting in learning more about collaboration and what makes effective research partnerships. Here are a few online links, books and videos that will be updated periodically. If you have any additional suggestions please get in touch!


lessons learnt on effective partnerships

With three rounds of research funding, and a special call on the Ebola outbreak, R2HC are gathering insightful learning around best practice for effective research partnerships. We will shortly be sharing a report on best practice based on a short survey of our current grantees. This will be shared here as soon as available. We are also generating new learning around the role of partnerships in research and will keep this page updated as reports, articles and news items are available.






R2HC will be attending a number of key events focused on public health research in humanitarian crises over the next year.

Please get in touch with our team to find out more.

If you would like any additional information or support on partnerships for humanitarian research, please get in touch with R2HC’s Partnerships Manager

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