Improving humanitarian outcomes through partnership, research and innovation


Using innovation to break down barriers to handwashing in emergency settings

The steps to washing your hands seem simple. You just grab the soap, turn on the tap and follow the guidance. But what if you don’t have soap, or any clean water? Sometimes it takes more than 3 steps to wash your hands.

It takes more than a village – how our community of researchers & innovators is improving mental health practice in humanitarian settings

The saying goes ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. At Elrha, we believe it takes a whole community to foster meaningful change.

The problem with problem recognition: incentives, influence and intellectual shortcuts

We must constantly respond to problems and look for improvements in the way that we work and the outcomes that we deliver. Sometimes a failure to see sufficient change might lead us to a bigger problem that requires a rethink of ‘standard practice’ entirely. This is what we mean by innovation...


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