RedR UK and the University of Sussex are designing and testing innovative methods to better understand participants’ learning and changes in behaviour following humanitarian capacity building interventions.

Reflecting on the innovative impact assessment project


Building on recommendations from our earlier work, this project set out to identify ways in which RedR can design programmes for increased learning and behaviour change of participants, and for…

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Using Video Capture: Second and Third Pilots


This is the fifth blog post for the Innovative Impact Assessment project, describing the second and third pilots that researchers from Sussex University carried out in early 2018 to test…

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Ongoing Engagement and Reflective Practices


The innovative impact assessment project is prototyping and testing three methodologies to capture learning, behaviour change, and perhaps results, from participants of humanitarian capacity building interventions. Alongside the video capture,…

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First Pilot of Video Capture Completed Successfully


This is the third blog post for the Innovative Impact Assessment project, describing the first pilot undertaken in late November to test our prototype of using video recording of in-class…

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Prototyping Impact Assessment Methodologies in Humanitarian Training


In this blog post, project researchers from Sussex University describe the process of designing the prototype for an innovative methodology to better assess the impact of humanitarian training. The focus…

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Innovative Impact Assessment in Humanitarian Training


How best to evaluate the outcomes of humanitarian training is a long-standing debate among training providers. Most, including RedR, use Kirkpatrick’s 4-level model: Reaction by participants to training; Learning expressed…

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