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WFP was awarded a HIF grant in 2013 for mVAM: ‘mobile Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping’ project, which provides for the use of voice technology for household food security data collection. The aim is that mVAM will lead to a leap in time and cost-efficiency of data collection.

Are IVR surveys right for Somalia?


As the mVAM pilot project enters its final quarter, the team is focusing on finalizing all planned activities, and  documenting learning that will allow us to scale up with a…

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Press 1 if you have not eaten today’ – WFP’s mVAM project


Allow us to introduce ourselves – from left to right,  Wael, Jean-Martin, Amit and Marie –the WFP mVAM team in Rome, Italy. Two of the others, Inci and Filippo, were…

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Can we use SMS for food security surveys in a Congolese IDP camp?


Almost one year into data collection, we are now fairly confident that live voice calls, placed by operators, are a good way to stay in touch with people in the…

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At the other end of the line: voices from Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia


Over the past couple of months mVAM project has grown, and fast. The catalyst has been the Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak. When the mVAM project started in 2013, we…

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Finally, IVR calls coming through loud and clear


In the past week, we finally managed to successfully call a few people in Mugunga 3 camp using an interactive voice response (IVR) system based in our Goma sub-office. People…

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Listening in to Central Somalia: tracking food security and livelihood indicators for IDPs


After three survey rounds in Somalia, the time has come to take a look at results.  As in the Democratic Republic of Congo, our operators in Somalia have been conducting…

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Home Grown Innovation at WFP


*Please note, this is a cross post from Nesta’s ‘DIY: Development, Impact and You’ website. By introducing mobile phone surveys, the World Food Programme has improved the way it monitors…

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WFP calling…what did you eat today?


This month, we take a look back at the data we’ve collected so far in Democratic Republic of Congo. We also explain what we’ve done to ensure that people answer…

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Listening in: what do the respondents think?


This month, our blog provides the perspective from the people we call every month in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We realize that we need to understand to what extent…

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Subax wanaagsan Somalia!


After blogging about the DR Congo in recent months, we’re now pleased to provide an update on Somalia. The mVAM mobile phone survey project is underway in central Somalia. Our approach is a…

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