Measuring the health and wellbeing impacts of a scalable program of psychosocial intervention for refugee youth

Grant awarded: £295,131

Lead organisation: Yale University

Partnering organisations: Queen Margaret University, UK; Mercy Corps; Taghyeer; University of Western Ontario; Harvard University;

Project length: 2015-2017

Study locations: Jordan

Principal Investigator: Prof. Catherine Panter-Brick


Youth focused interventions in humanitarian crises have never measured stress alleviation such as changes in 'stress under the skin' or 'toxic stress' in the brain. This project is the first to evaluate the progress of the No Lost Generation programme with a mixed-methods study combining screening instruments, cognitive evaluations and biological markers of stress. Appraisals of such interventions are essential in order to understand their effectiveness and to inform potential scale up strategies.

Expected outcomes:

With a focus on stress alleviation in refugee youths this project aims to strengthen the evidence base for such interventions. Specifically, this project will provide a 'proof-of-concept tool-kit' that will support academic and humanitarian actors to make informed choices around innovative methods for project evaluation.


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