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Healing in Harmony's first vlog

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Healing in Harmony: Music Therapy for Vulnerable Communities

Organisation: Panzi Foundation and Make Music Matter

Partners: Panzi Foundation DRC

Type of grant: Scaling

Status: Ongoing

  • A Healing in Harmony session in progress. All photos @Jeppe Schilder for Panzi Hospital and Foundations/Make Music Matter.

  • Sandra, a young survivor, performs the powerful music she and her peers co-wrote during a Healing in Harmony community concert.

  • Survivors find support in a safe and supportive environment

  • Adolescents - some dependent children of survivors, some survivors themselves, record powerful songs about their experiences

  • Songs are disseminated through radio broadcasts and community concerts, spurring community-wide conversation about sexual violence and gender inequality


Few efforts have been made to address the problem of how best to assist survivors of sexual violence in their recovery, aid in their reintegration, promote healing in the affected communities, and bring an end to sexual violence. Provision of psycho-social support is often viewed as a separate endeavour from physical healing and from reintegration of survivors and the rebuilding of their lives and futures on more stable ground. Western-style “talk” therapies are insufficient to deal with the trauma of sexual violence, especially where survivors are unintentionally further isolated in a “safehouse” context. A holistic, culturally relevant approach is necessary.



Integrated into Panzi’s full holistic healing model for survivors of sexualized violence and traumatized populations, our program has demonstrated statistically significant results in reducing levels of anxiety and PTSD through its unique approach to music therapy. Working in tandem with a trained psychologist and music producer, participants heal together by writing, recording, and professionally producing songs about their experiences. Through rigorous documentation of our model, development of operations and training manuals, and the provision of technical support, we will scale our program through an affiliate model that will retain the local control and cultural relevance necessary for success.

Elrha is a registered charity in England and Wales (1177110).

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