Advancing the Evidence-Base of the Minimum Initial Service Package (MISP) for Reproductive Health: Using a Quality Improvement Approach in DRC

Grant awarded: £465,745

Lead organisation: International Medical Corps UK

Partnering organisations: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; University Research Co., LLC; UNFPA; Ministry of Health (North Kivu Province)

Project length: 2015-2017

Study locations: Democratic Republic of Congo

Principal Investigator: Dr. Michelle Hynes


The aim is to identify ways to bridge the gap between evidence and practice by integrating a quality improvement (QI) approach in the implementation of the maternal and newborn health (MNH) components of the MISP and comprehensive SRH in North Kivu, DRC. We will implement MNH training and improvements in 20 health facilities, 10 of which will also receive quality improvement training and support immediately and 10 of which will receive it after one year to allow for the comparison of MNH and process indicators between sites over time.

Expected outcomes:

The expected outcomes of the proposed research include the following:

1. The establishment of a baseline on the availability, utilization, and quality of care components of the MISP and comprehensive SRH. This will help in making recommendations for MISP and comprehensive SRH implementation, monitoring, and evaluation based on our final analyses. As the evidence grows over time, new policy and guidelines will be developed to improve implementation of the MISP and Granada Consensus Statement priorities in humanitarian crisis settings around the world.

2. Enhancing services will yield improvements in accessibility and quality of health services. Improved quality of care will ultimately lead to increased health seeking behaviours among women. Results of our final analyses of the improvement approach will lead to modifications of the implementation of the Model for Improvement, as needed, to better meet the needs of IDP and host populations.


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