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Faircap Open Water Filter

Organisation: Faircap CIC

Partners: Oxfam

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Type of grant: Core – development

Status: Ongoing

A low cost, small, portable antibacterial water filter that can be screwed into standard plastic bottles and can provide clean drinking water by filtering out sediment and bacteria to reduce gastrointestinal disease during emergency relief situations, refugee camps and poor urban and rural areas.


The Faircap will allow NGOs and relief organizations to provide a small, portable, effective and low cost solution for purifying contaminated water as material relief assistance to people who need it most, during natural disaster situations (earthquakes, floods, etc.), during refugee migrations (to provide a portable water purifying solution for improved living conditions during long distance traveling and at refugee camps), and for people living in urban and rural areas in developing countries under unhealthy non-hygienic conditions.


The main innovation is the design of the filter, it is a small, easy to use water filter that can be used universally since it can be screwed into standard plastic bottles, which allows the user to transport water and purify it instantaneously without waiting, without chemicals or electricity. The design is open (non-patented) and collaborative, and new versions can be improved by inviting designers, scientists, engineers to propose new solutions.


We will prototype different versions of the Faircap filter, from a mini version for personal use to a filter for more people and that has different adapters for different usage scenarios.

We will test pathogen reduction using water sources in the field certifying the purifying effectiveness already tested at the lab. We will also test how often beneficiaries use them and whether they drink more and cleaner water, which would lead to fewer cases of disease, improved hydration and better health.

Because relief organizations will be able to tackle emergency water problems with a limited budget, we need to test whether the current design fits the needs of relief organizations so that they can be deployed anywhere in the world.

The results will be documented and shared. We will make a final product that can be produced in large quantities and at a low cost so that any organization can make use of the Faircap filters.

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