WASH Innovation Research

Our thematic funding is based on extensive research into specific problems faced in an emergency response. Our aim is to ensure we select challenges that are suitable for innovation processes, and therefore maximise the social return on our grant funding. By open-sourcing our research here, we hope to inform and inspire others who are also working to have an impact in these areas, as well as provide clarity and context to those engaging in our innovation challenges.

Gap Analysis

In 2013, the HIF convened recognised expertise from agencies working on emergency WASH, and sought to identify key programming gaps. A gap analysis conducted by Oxfam GB on our behalf, involved consultation with over 900 people across nearly 40 countries, spanning 45 organisations which included donors, UN agencies, and international and national NGOs, as well as consultations with affected populations. The analysis identified and sought to prioritise over 50 programming gaps, including the priority problem areas we are currently focusing on.

You can read the GAP analysis in full here

Problem Exploration Reports

In 2015, following a review of our WASH fund and recommendations, the HIF commissioned a series of ‘deep dive’ reports to explore the problems we want to solve. The researchers were asked to describe the nature of the challenge, the current dominant response and limitations of these, as well as suggest potential areas for further exploration.

surface water drainage  solid waste    Handwashing

Water treatment   faecal sludge

Challenge Candidates

These lists of challenges below have been developed from the above Problem Exploration Reports in collaboration with research and design agency Science Practice. These are works-in-progress as we map out the challenge options for us to focus on. With guidance from our Technical Working Group we select challenges and conduct stakeholder interviews to test and refine it. Our past WASH innovation challenges can be found here.

Surface Water Drainage

Solid Waste Management
Water Treatment
Faecal Sludge Management

All challenges are now closed

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