The Humanitarian Innovation Fund supports organisations and individuals to identify, nurture and share innovative and scalable solutions to the challenges facing effective humanitarian assistance.


A new Tool for Tracking Humanitarian Innovations Progress to Scale

We've developed a tool, the Progress to Scale Framework, which helps funders and innovators in the humanitarian sector track progress to scale, and understand what support is needed for innovations reaching large scale impact.

Choosing a Household Water Treatment Product that Works: Product Performance and Quality in Emergencies

We're holding a workshop at the UNC Water and Health Conference - join us if you're attending!

Thanks to Long Standing HIF Board Member

Elrha would like to thank John Bessant, long standing member of the HIF Board,for his contribution to guiding the HIF from its beginnings.


Continuing to Build our Needs and Resource Assessment

Playing to Live give us an overview of the needs assessment and literature review they have been carrying out, looking at mental health resources and gaps for children and adolescents in Ugandan refugee settlements.

Developing and Disseminating Guidance on Faecal Sludge Disposal Sites

BORDA introduce us to their research project which aims to understand what the driving forces are behind faecal sludge management decision-making in rapid-onset emergencies.


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