Local songs with a global voice


Local songs with a global voice: Resilience through Music Therapy in Eastern Congo By Frances Hill, Effective Partnerships Manager, Elrha, and mentor to the Healing in Harmony project through Elrha’s…

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Artists not patients


One of the cornerstones of the Healing in Harmony model is the treatment of our beneficiaries as artists. We strongly feel that the role of the artist in society can…

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Scaling into New Country Programs


We have many new projects underway and have made substantial progress on our journey to scale. Here is a snapshot of the progress we have made in addition to our…

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Field Ready: Scale Vlog #3


Field Ready are continuing their Journey to Scale in Nepal, carrying out needs assessments on medical items in remote and cut-off health posts. Field Ready tell us more about their…

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Panzi Foundation & Make Music Matter: Scale Vlog #2

Since we last caught up with them Panzi Foundation have been focusing on expanding their music therapy programme for gender-based violence (GBV) survivors, Healing in Harmony, building a new music studio…

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Translators without Borders: Scale Vlog #3

Translators without Borders have been progressing on their Journey to Scale, piloting and implementing new translation training material throughout Europe. Now they’re focusing on developing and rapidly scaling up their…

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NEW videos: next steps on the Journey to Scale

Catch up with Field Ready, Translators without Borders and Panzi Foundation, who we are supporting to take their humanitarian innovations to scale. Find out more about each project’s unique journey…

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Field Ready: Bringing the Power of Production and Innovation to Local People


Our HIF Innovation Adviser, Cecilie Hestbaek, reflects on the dilemmas, risks and potential of one the HIF’s largest grants: the aid agency start-up Field Ready. Imagine that an earthquake or…

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Field Ready: Scale Vlog #2


We caught up with Field Ready to find out the latest on their #JourneytoScale project. They have been in South Sudan conducting an assessment with a small NGO called Water…

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TwB: Scale Vlog #2

We caught up with Translators without Borders to find out the latest from their #JourneytoScale project. They have been gathering evidence for effective communication and developing training resources to better…

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