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Current grantee

Current grantee

Last updated 01/08/2022


The HIF provides grant management and innovation management support to all our grantees throughout the project period. Your HIF lead contact will be in touch to organise a welcome call once your project is awarded funding by the Funding Committee and is available for you to raise concerns with and to flag any potential changes required to your project. Please get in touch with your assigned HIF Programme Officer if you have any queries or would like to discuss any support.

Kick-off workshop

The HIF will organise a kick-off workshop for grantee cohorts, or similar kick-off activities for individual grantees, to allow new grantees to interact with the other project teams in their cohort and to focus grantees’ thinking on some important topics as they start your projects. Further information on any planned kick-off activities will be provided once your project is awarded funding by the Funding Committee.

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Reporting requirements

HIF grantees are required to submit regular narrative and financial reports and will usually be asked to provide regular email or verbal updates as well. The reporting schedule for your project can be found in section 11 of your Grant Agreement. During the project implementation period, grantees should use the Interim Narrative Report template, and once the project has concluded you should use the Final Narrative Report template. The same Financial report template should be used through the project period, and this is contained within the approved project budget file. If your project is longer than 12 months, you will also be required to submit an annual Risk Register.

Shortly before project implementation ends, the HIF also requires its grantees to submit an Asset Register if any assets were purchased using project funding. Further information on what is considered an asset can be found in section 15 of the Grant Agreement, and in the Eligible Costs Guidance.

Should you need to request an amendment to your project, please speak to your HIF point of contact before you make the change, and they will provide you with further information. Further clarity on the types of proposed changes that you need to inform the HIF about in advance can be found in section 10 of the Grant Agreement.

Innovation Management Resources

Building on the HIF’s unique position in the sector, the Humanitarian Innovation Guide is designed to provide targeted support to individuals and organisations attempting to develop innovative solutions to the challenges facing humanitarian assistance, resulting in a more effective humanitarian response.

Humanitarian Innovation Guide

The Guide is a growing online resource to help individuals and organisations find their starting point and navigate the humanitarian innovation journey.


How should I reference Elrha and the HIF in any project outputs?

Elrha, the HIF and its donors must be referenced in all public communications and project-related outputs. Please refer to the Communications Guidelines shared with you at the beginning of your grant, as the exact referencing will differ depending on which HIF donors are funding your project.

I’ve submitted my interim reports but haven’t received the payment tranche linked to the reports yet.

Where your grant payment tranches are linked to an interim or final report, we will issue this payment once the reports have been signed off by us and will confirm this sign off to the project contact by email.

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