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What is the humaniarian need?

M&E for SGBV programming frequently relies on output measures such as number of beneficiaries receiving services. Evidence on the outcomes and impacts of those services is currently lacking. Theory-of-change models often rely on theoretical assumptions that individuals benefit from receiving services but in practice, there is little evidence to support these assumptions. Quality M&E data on SGBV services is needed for responsive programmatic decision-making and more efficient methods of data collection are required, particularly in complex settings such as humanitarian crises.

What is the innovative solution?

As an innovative M&E tool, SenseMaker® will ask individuals to share stories about their experiences with SGBV services. Because the questions are open-ended, individuals can report positive or negative aspects and since it is narrative-based, it tends to elicit more revealing responses. Because participants interpret their own stories using pre-defined questions, interpretation bias is reduced and the accompanying narratives help to contextualise the quantitative responses. Furthermore, because the SenseMaker® data collection is digital, results are promptly available.
SenseMaker® will allow continuous collection of anonymous, self-interpreted stories about the way people experience SGBV services. The mixed-methods data will enable new insights to inform adaptive delivery of SGBV services with decision-making that is based on what is perceived to be happening rather than working towards aspirational outcomes. If this innovation proves to be feasible, valuable and scalable, it may provide an effective way to shape evolutionary change for M&E in humanitarian crises.

What are the expected outcomes?

We will test the feasibility of using SenseMaker® for M&E of SGBV programming with the following anticipated outcomes:

  1. Prototype for a SenseMaker® SGBV M&E tool developed collaboratively by the team and piloted for a period of three months.
  2. Monthly mixed-methods program evaluation data to help adapt and improve existing SGBV services to better meet beneficiaries’ needs, identify gaps in programming, and recognize potential harms.
  3. Formative data for and deliberative dialogue around a SGBV –specific rapid needs assessment for use in humanitarian settings.
  4. Project report on the SenseMaker® SGBV M&E tool reflecting on lessons learned and concrete examples of how SenseMaker® data can inform SGBV programming and services.
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Latest Updates

What we learned: SenseMaker as a Monitoring and Evaluation Tool

18 Dec 2018

Queen's Uni and partners share key learning from their project seeking to evaluate the feasibility of using SenseMaker® as an M&E tool for GBV services in Lebanon


Storytelling as data: successful launch of a new M&E pilot for SGBV programs and services in Lebanon

05 Jul 2018

Queen's Uni, alongside their partners, have successfully launched their M&E pilot, collecting 69 self-interpreted narratives about experiences accessing a SGBV program have been across five sites in Lebanon


Project Launch for New SGBV M&E Tool

18 Jan 2018

Queen's University introduce us to their collaborative project, examining the feasibility and value of using SenseMaker® to improve M&E for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Programs and Services


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