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What is the humanitarian need?

Humanitarian programming is mostly designed based on organisations strategic objectives and informed with existing quantitative data. The under representation of bodies for persons with disabilities and older people has led to data gaps, which in turn has led to the exclusion of the most vulnerable from humanitarian programming including vulnerable persons with disabilities and older people. Our project is built on existing evidence and in line with a human rights based approach and localisation, it intends to develop data collection methods and tools to complement the missing data in the national data base and compliment it with improved qualitative data.

Since the inception of the project we have engaged organisations of persons with disabilities (OPDs) and older people’s associations (OPAs) and have emphasized the importance of including persons with disabilities and older people in the design of the data collection tools, taking into consideration the participation of all relevant stakeholders and a conflict sensitive approach. Our approach will provide a new data type, increasing evidence for data-driven inclusive programming and ensuring equitable access to rights at household and community levels.

Our proposed project will innovatively tackle two gaps:

  • The quantitative data gap which will enable all persons with disabilities and older peoples to update their basic/biodata on the official national database.
  • Complement the basic data with qualitative data about access, protection risks, barriers, capacity, roles, and opportunities forpersons with disabilities and older people.

What is the innovative solution?

The challenge will provide accessibility solutions to increase the number of persons with disabilities and older people who access the national database and provide new types of qualitative data that demonstrate their needs, requirements, strengths, weaknesses, barriers, challenges, etc. The challenge will come out with two deliverables: (1) A step-by-step guide/manual, inclusive of methods and tools for data collection and innovative data dissemination methods using storytelling, drama, and music, and (2) evidence-based actionable recommendations for humanitarian actors.

What are the expected outcomes?

The project expects to achieve two outcomes as follows:

Outcome 1: Developed participatory data collection and generation approach, methods and tools co-designed with OPAs and OPDs (Development Phase)

  • Innovative data collection, communication and dissemination approach designed.
  • Capacity building programs designed and implemented for the project partners on the new data collection and dissemination approaches.

Outcome 2: Improved provision, dissemination and adoption of inclusive community driven data and recommendations of persons with disabilities and older people (Testing and Validation Phase).

  • 1500 F/M sample of all ages and disabilities selected in 5 geographical areas in the targeted humanitarian setting.
  • Number of registered persons with disabilities and older people increased by at least 50% (from 54,000 to at least 80,000 of 128,000) in the national database system.
  • Inclusive qualitative data generated, reviewed and validated.
  • Recommendations paper produced, reviewed, validated, communicated and disseminated though storytelling, music and drama.
  • Step-by-step guide produced, reviewed, and validated.

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