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Using technology to increase the effectiveness of accountability to affected communities by creating an interactive communication platform using innovative SMS and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology in a humanitarian setting.

Challenge(s) addressed

  • Lack of feedback from affected communities – accountability to affected communities
  • Break down identified barriers to feedback and participation; e.g. low literacy, complicated systems and lack of familiarity with sending SMS

Innovation Factor

Developing a 2-way communication system by combining the success of TERA (Trilogy Emergency Relief Application) with the two-way information-sharing capacity of IVR technology to create one innovative solution that not only broadcasts life-saving practical information, but also gives Haitians an easy way to get their voice heard to become real partners in the recovery process.

Added Value

Enhancing the interactivity of the existing communication platform, TERA, by developing its functionality and capacity and introducing IVR technology.

Key Deliverables / Impact

  • Increasing two-way communication with beneficiaries
  • Reaching more beneficiaries with life-saving information
  • Provide beneficiaries an easy way to get their voice heard
  • Faster response to emergencies and therefore faster dissemination of life-saving information
  • Providing beneficiaries with more specialised information from different organisations
  • In-depth information and analysis from beneficiary responses

Latest Updates

Beneficiary Communications team in Haiti reach another milestone

Jun 2013

Last week the Beneficiary Communications team in Haiti reached another milestone with the publication of a report reviewing the impact of its program throughout the last year.


Telefon Kwa Wouj line racks up millionth caller

Apr 2013

A first-of-its-kind Red Cross interactive information line in Haiti registers its one millionth call, less then ten months after the system began operating.


Move away from the spreadsheet

Dec 2012

Having spent the last few months in Haiti trying to get their heads around the success of the Telefon Kwa Wouj IVR system – and the vast amounts of data it is producing - the team take some time to reflect


Blessed are the pessimists; they shall not be disappointed

Aug 2012

After months of delays, the team are stunned by the success when the telephone line finally goes live.


Innovation isn’t easy, but it’s worth it!

May 2012

When the IFRC in Haiti first decided to launch a new 2-way telephone line using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology we scoured the internet for journal articles to help us plan. Unfortunately there were very few examples of how this type of telephone technology had been used in the past to increase beneficiary participation recovery following a major disaster.


Tech Radar: Two years on - Haiti's tech legacy

Jan 2012

How Haiti's quake led to new ideas in disaster relief.


Two-years on in Haiti and what’s changed

Jan 2012

This has been the question of most journalists visiting Haiti this week, coupled with ‘what has been done?’ While there is still undeniable need in Haiti – ½ million people saw in the 2nd anniversary of the devastating earthquake still living in a makeshift tent – it’s important to take the time to reflect on the significant progress that has been made here.


Empowerment through information

Jul 2011

Last week the Beneficiary Communications team in Haiti reached another milestone with the publication of a report reviewing the impact of its program throughout the last year.



Haiti Beneficiary Communications Review

Read the Review here

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