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Our purpose is clear: we work in partnership with a global community of humanitarian actors, researchers and innovators to improve the quality of humanitarian action and deliver better outcomes for people affected by crises.
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Annual review 2022

We continued to find, invest in and champion robust research and innovative solutions that have the potential to address critical and complex humanitarian problems, but 2022 has been a devastating year for humanity.

On the one hand the lifting of the last remaining Covid-19 restrictions in most of the world was a momentous achievement, made possible through determined global co-operation and the deployment of science and innovation on a scale never seen before. But on the other hand, those affected by humanitarian crisis in many parts of the world did not receive the urgency of attention they needed and deserved.

This was also a year where we began to think more deeply about our role in the wider humanitarian system as we started to develop our new long-term Strategy which will shape our work from 2023 onwards.

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Annual review 2021

In 2021 we faced some of our biggest challenges yet. Despite the impacts of COVID-19 and cuts to UK Aid, we continued to move forward with our ambitions to see a world better-equipped to handle humanitarian crises though supporting the work of our grantees and contributing knowledge, resources and research to the humanitarian community. We funded 19 new research and innovation projects; we published two innovation gap analyses on Water, Sanitation and Hygience and Gender-Based Violence in humanitarian settings; and we produced four learning papers on research evidence uptake and pathways to change.

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Annual review 2020

In 2020 we continued to deliver on our 2019-2023 strategy which encapsulates our ambitious direction for Elrha. Our strategy is outcome focused, positioning us as a change-maker, effectively coordinating all our capabilities and assets on research, innovation, and partnerships to understand and address some of the most complex humanitarian problems.

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Annual review 2019

This year we supported over 100 research studies and innovation projects around the world. These help us to define and address evidence gaps in the humanitarian sector, increase our understanding of key problems and challenges, develop new solutions and evidence, and drive the uptake and adoption of new approaches into humanitarian policy and practice.

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Annual review 2018 - Celebrating 10 years of Elrha

Our Annual Report for 2018 is our first as an independent charity. Here you’ll find out specifically what we do, and the change we want to see; discover ten ‘stories’ that showcase the best of our work over the past ten years; take a look at how we spend our money, and where it comes from; and learn about our ambitious direction for the next five years. In 2018 we supported 122 live research and innovation projects around the world, 25 of which were granted in 2018. 40 peer reviewed articles written by our grantees were published in leading journals with open access.

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