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What is the Global Prioritisation Exercise?

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Thank you for helping us to spread the word about the Global Prioritisation Exercise (GPE). With your support, we can reach more people and ensure a range of key actors have information they need to increase the impact of humanitarian research and innovation with the aim of ultimately improving outcomes for people affected by crises. We are launching the GPE initiative on 3 March 2022 but feel free to use these resources at any time during that week and beyond. 


Humanitarian needs continue to rise. An estimated 274 million people will likely need access to humanitarian assistance and protection in 20221 – that’s one in 29 people worldwide.  

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect communities globally. Extreme poverty has risen for the first time in more than 20 years, and the full impact of the economic fallout has yet to be seen. With aid budgets failing to keep pace with need, the humanitarian sector needs new ways of working. Humanitarian research and innovation could save lives. 

Elrha’s 2016/17 Global Mapping Report highlighted fundamental gaps in our knowledge about the way humanitarian research and innovation operates. We don’t know how much is spent on which areas of research and innovation, for example, and most funding currently goes to researchers and innovators in the so-called ‘Global North’, far from the vital experience and insight of communities affected by crises.  

Against this backdrop, we are inviting you and your organisation to join Elrha in launching the GPE initiative. In recognition of the key role your organisation plays in the humanitarian sector, we are enlisting your support to spread the word about the GPE which aims to increase the impact of humanitarian research and innovation investments for communities affected by crises in the following ways: 

  • revealing investment trends and activities in humanitarian research and innovation, and highlighting successful examples of the investment 
  • identifying what humanitarians and communities affected by crisis believe are the most pressing areas for investment 
  • supporting the development of coordinating mechanisms that enable multiple actors to align their activities against identified needs. 

Insights from this work, which is supported by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will be shared later in the year. 

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We want to make sure the news about the launch of our Global Prioritisation Exercise reach as many humanitarians around the world as possible. We encourage you take action by sharing our press release with your local media or feature us in your upcoming newsletters.

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Send the press release to your local or national newspaper or media partner to share the news about the Global Prioritisation Exercise.

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Share the news of the Global Prioritisation Exercise launch with your partner organisations, donors, networks you are part of or even colleagues!

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Is your organisation, team or network interested in learning more about the GPE or how to get involved? If so, a member of our team would be happy to talk to them, arrange a presentation, meeting or other. Contact Zainab Umar at z.umar@elrha.org or media@elrha.org to find out more.

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