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You’ll find a variety of publications from gap analyses and peer reviewed journals, to case studies and evaluations, from across the diverse portfolio of work we fund in the humanitarian community.


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01/05/2017 HIF Report,

Sustainable Flood Resilience in Refugee Camps; Combining sustainable drainage (SuDS) with WASH

Author: S Watkins,

Lead organisation: Coventry University WASH,


01/05/2017 HIF Report,

Final Report: Every Second Matters for Mothers and Babies – Uterine Balloon Tamponade

Author: Massachusetts General Hospital,


12/04/2017 R2HC Briefing Note,

NCD Guidelines and mHealth Records for Refugees in Lebanon

Author: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health - NCD Guidelines,


10/04/2017 R2HC Article, Peer Reviewed,

Engaging ‘communities’: anthropological insights from the West African Ebola epidemic

Authors: A Wilkinson, M Parker, F Martineau, M Leach,

Lead organisation: LSHTM,


01/04/2017 HIF Report,

Final Report: Capturing Informal Feedback in Humanitarian Situations for More Responsive and Accountable Programming

Author: Oxfam GB,




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