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You’ll find a variety of publications from gap analyses and peer reviewed journals, to case studies and evaluations, from across the diverse portfolio of work we fund in the humanitarian community.


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01/06/2018 R2HC Chapter,

Ethical Challenges Among Humanitarian Organisations: Insights from the Response to the Syrian Conflict

Authors: C. Robinson, L. Ho, W. Maziak, M. DeCamp, N. Singh, N. Diab, L. Rubenstein, D. Rayes, K. Funk,

Lead organisation: John Hopkins University,


01/06/2018 HIF Report,

Final Report: Open Drone Map

Author: ShadowView Foundation,


30/05/2018 R2HC Briefing Note,

Ebola Research Findings Summary

Author: Elrha,


24/05/2018 R2HC Peer Reviewed,

Point-of-use water treatment improves recovery rates among children with severe acute malnutrition in Pakistan: results from a site-randomized trial

Authors: S. Doocy, H. Tappis, N. Villeminot, A. Suk, D. Kumar, S. Fazal, A. Grant, S. Pietzsch,


23/05/2018 HIF Report,

Final Report: OpenAerialMap Diffusion

Author: Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Diffusion,




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