What are Rapid Trigger Grants?

R2HC Rapid Trigger Grants can be applied for alongside our core grants. Rapid Trigger Grants are unique in that funding can be allocated to undertake research in the context of a rapid-onset crisis which hasn’t yet occurred. Rapid Trigger Grants aren’t subject to the same time frame as the core grants.

With Rapid Trigger Grants we ‘pre-approve’ funding that is triggered later, when the foreseen humanitarian crisis occurs which meets the relevant identified criteria. Initial funds can be released to support preparatory research activities, such as protocol development and training, to enable research teams to be deployed as soon as the emergency occurs.

The same proposal application process is used for both the Core and Rapid Trigger Grants.

Apply for a Rapid Trigger grant through our Call for Proposals.

Rapid Trigger projects

More information about our current Rapid Trigger  projects:

Institute of Behavioural Science, Natural Hazards Center, Colorado University:

Enhancing Community Resilience in the acute aftermath of disaster: Evaluation of a disaster mental health intervention. Read more….

CDC Foundation:

Investigation of HEV Transmission Dynamics and Epidemic evolution to improve outbreak control efforts among emergency affected populations. Read more….


What happens when a Rapid Trigger Grant doesn’t get triggered? Q&A with Adam Levine, Brown University. Read more….

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