Strategy Documents

Elrha Strategy 2016-20

Elrha’s strategy sets out how we plan to improve humanitarian outcomes through partnership, research and innovation.

It includes our vision, mission, the three streams of work we engage in: 1. Enabling partnership, 2. Driving research and innovation and 3. Transforming practice, with case studies of our progress in each area. This is not a static strategy and will evolve as the Elrha initiative grows.

Elrha Uptake and Diffusion Guidelines

Grantees should carefully consider uptake or diffusion as a critical part of their project. These guidelines have been developed to support grantees to design clear and achievable uptake or diffusion plans for their projects.

Elrha Uptake and Diffusion Strategy

Uptake and diffusion are extremely important to all of Elrha’s programmes. This is a key document which describes what uptake means to Elrha and explains how the secretariat and core programmes, including the Humanitarian Innovation Fund, approach uptake.

Elrha is a registered charity in England and Wales (1177110).

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