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The challenges of developing a career as an anthropologist and qualitative health researcher in post-Ebola Guinea


The Guinean post-Ebola research landscape Following Guinean independence, Guinea’s leaders favoured the development of technical and professional schools meant to train specialists and professionals to take over the roles formerly…

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Closing the ‘anesthesia gap’ in the face of unexpected challenges


As our in-country partner, Sagam Community Hospital (SCH) is the central training hub for ESM-Ketamine providers, we sat down with Mr. Javan Imbamba, a Clinical Officer at SCH, and Mr….

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HUES among IDP population completed: lessons learned


We employed household survey for the assessment of self-reported health expenditures, health status and utilization of health-related services among internally displace persons (IDP) in Georgia. This is a common survey…

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SH+ trial completed: what are the next steps?


The Self Help Plus (SH+) Uganda team is pleased to announce that primary data collection for the full-scale clinical trial of SH+ wrapped up with the close of 2017! We…

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Why invest in more research for cash programming?


In a world that is facing humanitarian need on an unprecedented scale with inadequate resources and funding, it is crucial that we provide aid in the most effective way possible….

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The need for expanding the scope for addressing the menstrual hygiene needs of girls and women during emergencies


“Menstruation does not know you are displaced or that you are traveling. It will just come; so it came while we were on the road [and] for others it came…

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First pilot of Nguvu: What did we learn?


In preparation for a more structured evaluation of the implementation of the intervention and research activities, we felt it was necessary to conduct a first trial run of the research…

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A forgotten crisis: improving IDP access to health services in Georgia


Georgia is not the first country that comes to mind when you think of current humanitarian crises. The multitude of recent natural disasters in Mexico and the Caribbean, the cholera…

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Making space for palliative care in humanitarian action: Reflections on obstacles to the integration of palliative care approaches in humanitarian healthcare


Many situations arise in humanitarian crises when curative care is not the primary, or the only, mode for humanitarian healthcare: a woman with advanced cancer who has been forced to…

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The importance of the first 1000 days of life


ACF International Conference on Child’s Health and Development: Improving children’s lives, Maximizing their abilities. The conference addresses the importance of the first 1000 days of life that are known to be…

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