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Effective disaster preparedness, monitoring, relief coordination, and damage assessments are predicated on reliable, up-to-date geographic information paired with on-the-ground knowledge. The detailed imagery available from unmanned aerial vehicles well fits this predicate due to high level of spatial detail, flexibility in requisition, and image quality. OpenDroneMap seeks to provide fast, accurate, easy-to-use, and scalable processing of aerial drone imagery that is necessary for the next generation of humanitarian response.

Scaling OpenDroneMap for the Humanitarian Sector


OpenDroneMap is a tool for map-making using aerial imagery from drones, balloons, kites and street-view data. Photogrammetry, the science and technology of using aerial imagery to make maps, has long…

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Large Scale ODM Reconstruction


We’ve recently introduced a new workflow for OpenDroneMap (ODM) image processing, informally called Split-Merge. Initially conceived as a way to handle the increasing size of datasets being attempted by users…

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OpenDroneMap — Use Cases


OpenDroneMap (ODM), as an open source photogrammetry toolkit, is increasingly being used in humanitarian and development scenarios. Stepping back a bit from project technical updates, this post will look at…

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User Interface — Beyond the Command Line


OpenDroneMap started as a command line program. This sets the bar unreasonably high for new users, so for some time a graphical interface has been on the wish list for…

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Texturing and User Interface Improvements


The aims for OpenDroneMap (ODM) in the context of the HIF are to make a useable, scalable, and fit for purpose tool for drone image processing for humanitarian and disaster…

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Fast, accurate, easy, scalable processing of drone imagery


The detailed, cloud-free view that unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) provide is useful for disaster preparedness, has great potential for field tactics (e.g. determining the best possible route for a convoy),…

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