Oxfam Tiger Worm Toilets

In Rakhine State, Myanmar, Oxfam and IHE Delft Institute for Water Education are developing the Tiger Worm Toilet from the household sanitation level (where it has been proven successful) to a phased application at communal sanitation level, appropriate for use in humanitarian camps. This will help meet the need for an economically and environmentally sustainable sanitation alternative to the commonly used pit latrine in humanitarian camps – particularly as camp longevity is increasing.

A picture is worth a thousand words


In Sittwe we have completed the construction of all our Tiger Worm Toilets (TWTs) for this project in the two different Internally Displaced People (IDP) communities (you can read more…

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Mid-Term Monitoring of Tiger Worm Toilets


I left the bleak European winter for my penultimate visit to Myanmar. The aim of this visit was to catch up with the Tiger Worm Toilet (TWT) Team and to…

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Monitoring is no joke!


Let’s hear from Oo Shwe Than, who joined Oxfam in Myanmar two months ago. He oversees the monitoring activities of the Tiger Worm Toilet (TWT) project in Sittwe. When I…

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The Tigers Tales


The implementation of the Tiger Worm Toilet (TWT) project has been going well. Twenty five household units have been built in the relocation area of Mingan and 17 communal TWT…

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Tiger worms: the little sanitation engineers


“What do you think about worms? Would you be comfortable working with worms?” Bagus Setyawan from Oxfam’s Global Humanitarian Team asked me while we are talking about solid waste management…

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Seeing is believing…in the worms!


I am an Oxfam Public Health Engineer working in Sittwe, which is in Rakhine State, Myanmar. In Sittwe there are over 100,000 people who have been displaced by violence and…

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The Tiger Roars!


For the success of our project there are two critical components. Firstly the worms, without them we cannot have a Tiger Worm Toilet. The second critical component is people, or…

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