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This project aims to introduce a mobile case management tool across Oxfam’s Middle East humanitarian response with local and global partners to capture, analyse and respond to feedback data to inform the response and give those affected voice for improved support and services.

Early stage prototyping: consent and data minimisation for those affected by humanitarian crisis


Over the past couple of months, Oxfam and IF started to explore ideas about how and when to record personal data and get consent from people affected by humanitarian crisis…

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Using technology for feedback and complaints in the Gaza Strip


Nahed Natsheh, Program Quality Coordinator in Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel (OPTI), shares the experience of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank humanitarian programme in implementing the use of…

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Across borders: consolidating feedback data


Your Word Counts is a project focused on accountability in humanitarian response, where rather than relying on traditional hotlines, we are interested in capturing information shared face-to-face and consolidating feedback…

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How to meaningfully categorise feedback


Through the scale up of the Your Word Counts project, Oxfam will be addressing the accountability culture in our programme teams. First piloted in Jordan, we are extending to four more…

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