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The design and implementation of sustainable drainage (SuDS) at Domiz Refugee Camp, Dohuk, Kurdish province, N Iraq will address surface water flooding. This is the first time this has been done in such a challenging environment. People’s lives will improve by camp greening using water conservation measures, often a low priority when the camps are first set up. SuDS will include tree planting in microcatchments and water reuse in stabilisation agriculture.

Participatory SuDs Design in Action at Gawilan Camp


A large part in the success of any activity, be it advocacy for a belief, to children convincing their parents for one more bed time story, is collective action. When…

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‘What goes in, must come out’ – Flooding & Sampling


Sustainable drainage is concerned with ensuring water quality and quantity, whilst the site amenity and biodiversity are all harmoniously in balance and positively contributed to. Nevertheless, outside of these parameters,…

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Who’s Taking Ownership of Surface Water Anyway?


In the last blog, topics related to the design trajectory of camps were discussed, but how about the institutional barriers? The UN is not, of course, immune to the disorder,…

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UNHCR Camps, Erbil – Improved drainage or concrete jungles?


A visit to three camps with differing wastewater management practices in place, two interviews with UN agency specialists and a camp resident, set in me a comforting calm, that I…

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Domiz and Chamishko camps, Iraq


These are some photographs from the camps Simon and Andrew have been visiting to investigate the reuse of greywater, and also to install sustainable drainage and stabilisation agriculture.    …

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Erbil, 16th April 2017


Anyone who has seen a news bulletin set in a refugee camp is unlikely to be surprised by the crowded tents, rough dirt roads and inevitable air of dishevelment that…

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Erbil, 13th April 2017

Arriving in Kurdish Iraq’s administrative capital by plane is little more complicated than stepping off a bus – passport control and customs accepted. From the arrivals hall, a short bus…

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Project site visit to Dohuk-Domiz refugee camp


We have completed all the ethics and risk assessments for the project, and we are now organising our first short trip to the research sites to gather the information needed…

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