Pragya was awarded a HIF grant in 2012. The project aims to design a Citizen-based-DRR system for application in the Indian Himalayas, a region with very high disaster risk, and disadvantaged by extreme remoteness.

Project pause, due to emergency


It has been a while since the last update on our project. The consultations and fine tuning of a DRR model specific to remote high altitude stretches received a jolt…

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Grassroots consultations completed


For remote and difficult access regions, why do we need a DRR model that is managed by the community members? As the harsh winters set in and choked the transportation…

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How closely do we observe the nature & the signs of nature around us? How much can these signs tell us about what lies ahead?


These are some of the questions we have been exploring during our series of district workshops in order to develop a community based DRR model for the Himalayas. The local…

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District level consultations


As a crucial step towards designing a Himalaya-adapted, indicator-based early warning system for region, the Pragya team has now geared up for the district level consultations. The team has put…

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Citizen-based DRR model to reduce disaster toll in Himalayas


The Pragya team is delighted to receive the HIF Small Grant.¬†We have been working with the indigenous Himalayan communities to reduce the vulnerability of populations to environmental threats. Our efforts…

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