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ATHA - Advanced Training Program on Humanitarian Action - Sweden

The objective of the Advanced Training Program on Humanitarian Action (ATHA) is to enhance the capacity of relevant Swedish and international actors operating in the humanitarian context, to strengthen the respect for and knowledge about humanitarian action (including International Humanitarian Law and Humanitarian Principles), and to create greater awareness and knowledge of the relationship between development cooperation and humanitarian action in emergencies with a specific focus on prevention and early recovery. ATHA is a training program aimed at relevant Swedish and international organisations and actors on all levels working within a humanitarian context. The program does not primarily focus on individual development, but aims at supporting the participating actors' professional development and capacity on an organisational level, with the long term goal of strengthening the continued professionalization of actors working within a humanitarian context.

ATHA upcoming trainings

  • ATHA Core Training (29th Oct),
  • ATHA Specialized Training on International Humanitarian Law (1st Nov),
  • ATHA Specialized Training on Protection of Internally Displaced Persons (5th May).

For more information please visit the ATHA website.