HIF Evaluation: What we learned and next steps…

Published on 04/09/2017

At Elrha we know it’s important to keep improving the way we work to maximise our value to the humanitarian sector. That’s why we recently commissioned an in-depth, independent evaluation of the Humanitarian Innovation Fund programme for the period 2011-2016, conducted by Triple Line.

The Evaluation focuses on the HIF’s performance, process, and strategy. Its aim is to provide accountability to our stakeholders through an independent assessment of our programme’s performance; to support learning about the effectiveness of our processes; and contribute to our strategy development.

The Evaluation recognises the areas where we have done well and where we need more focus, in supporting humanitarian innovation, and includes three innovation case studies on projects we have funded. We are serious about making changes to improve our processes and effectiveness: the report makes seven recommendations and we are committed to meeting them. In our ‘Evaluation Response: Learning from Five Years of Action’ you can read about what we are already changing and what else we plan to work on to meet these recommendations.

This Evaluation marks an important stage in the HIF’s development and we will continue to work hard to ensure we maximise our support to humanitarian innovators and make a valuable impact in the sector.

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