Establishing Global Priorities for Research and Innovation in the Humanitarian System

Published on 09/02/2017

The Global Prioritisation Exercise (GPE)

8 February 2017: Elrha is delighted to announce the appointment of Global Emergency Group (GEG) to carry out the first ‘Mapping Phase’ of the Global Prioritisation Exercise

This ground-breaking Exercise, taking place over the next two years, will focus on identifying the critical gaps and opportunities for research and innovation to inform and improve humanitarian policy and practice.  

For the first time, this Exercise managed by Elrha, will provide public visibility of the range of global investments, capacity and activity in humanitarian research and innovation and establish a clear framework with agreed priorities for further investment and development.

The Global Report produced at the end of the Global Prioritisation Exercise will serve two key international functions:

  1. It will be used as an advocacy tool to leverage increased and more appropriate resources for humanitarian research and innovation
  2. It will provide greater visibility and coordination of research and innovation efforts globally

The Global Prioritisation Exercise is part of Elrha’s broader contribution to the shared commitment on Humanitarian Evidence.

The Global Prioritisation Exercise will take place in three phases

  1. Mapping
  2. Consultation
  3. Synthesis, Analysis and Dissemination

The Phase One (Mapping) is now underway (January to July 2017). This phase will:

  • identify key actors currently working in humanitarian research and innovation
  • map strategic interests and investments
  • identify major centres of expertise.

If you are interested in being part of this project either in terms of input into the mapping process or feel that this project would be of strategic interest to your organisation please get in touch with us.

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