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PicoBRICK Rugged Internet of Things

PicoBRICK Rugged Internet of Things

Realtime monitoring and reporting of water in refugee camps

Organisation: BRCK

Partners: UNHCR, Upande

Location: Daadab Refugee Camp Kenya

Type of grant: WASH

Status: Ongoing

  • Dagahaley refugee camp, Dadaab

  • Students protesting for MORE access to education

  • Learning about the pumping stations

BRCK is piloting utilising IoT to monitor real-time water distribution and quality in refugee camps to improve access and quality of water among recipients.

What is the humanitarian need?

Access to clean water is a human right, and in many refugee camps worldwide this is a scarce recourse. Ensuring this resource is delivered to those that need it the most is a difficult challenge, unfortunately sometimes politically charged or subject to corruption. BRCK is developing a solution to ensure water delivery data is available to key decision makers, able to ensure water is delivered where is its needed most.

What is the innovative solution?

BRCK has been developing PicoBRCK over the last 2 years as a low cost, reliable IoT/M2M sensor gateway. Its designed to operate in remote and difficult environments, utilising edge caching and long distance RF communication.

What are the expected outcomes?

As a primary outcome, we expect to produce a map of sensor locations showing real water flow and real water quality (free of chlorine). This map will inform agencies about the delivery of water, with an expected outcome of faster response rates, and higher availability of water amongst receipts. Secondarily, there is also some indication of water being diverted away from core activities and this real-time system will ensure required water is delivered.

Elrha is a registered charity in England and Wales (1177110).

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