The rapid provision of appropriate wheelchairs in emergency situations

Organisation: Motivation

Partners: Handicap International, Johanniter International Assistance

Location: Global (UK)

Type of grant: Core – implementation

Status: Completed

Summary: The development and implementation of an innovative package to ensure the rapid and appropriate provision of emergency wheelchairs to injured and disabled people in humanitarian crises.

Following the design and development of the emergency wheelchair and support package, this project focuses on integrating the emergency wheelchair response into emergency programmes.

Challenge(s) addressed:

  • In emergencies wheelchairs are typically slow to arrive, second hand, hospital chairs which rarely meet international standards and are not designed for the challenging environments typical of emergencies
  • The lack of suitable wheelchairs in emergency settings causes life threatening situations for injured and disabled people and excludes them from emergency relief efforts

Innovation Factor: There is no other wheelchair which meets the specific requirements of emergency situations; this innovative product is specifically designed to be appropriate and supplied quickly.

Added Value: This product will enable a significant shift in international practice as it complements existing activities in the field.

Innovation Phases Description:

a. Training in emergency wheelchair response procedures

b. Integration of wheelchairs into emergency preparedness programmes

c. Implementation of emergency wheelchair response

d. Evaluation and dissemination of emergency wheelchair response package

Key Deliverables / Impact:

  • Emergency wheelchair package, including wheelchairs, supporting document and training will be available for use by other organisations
  • 200 people who need a wheelchair will be fitted with an emergency wheelchair through an emergency wheelchair service, directly benefitting through increased quality of life.
  • Protocol for inclusion of wheelchair in Emergency Preparedness Programmes.
  • Impact assessment of emergency wheelchair provision

Elrha is a registered charity in England and Wales (1177110).

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