Piloting Accountability Systems for Humanitarian Aid in Somalia

Organisation: Danish Refugee Council (DRC)

Partners: UNICEF through the CDRD project (Community-Driven Recovery and Development)

Location: Somalia

Type of grant: Core – development

Status: Completed

Summary: enhancing horizontal and downward accountability in the context of remote management through the use of open source applications/software.

Challenge(s) addressed:

  • Improving accountability in the context of remote management
  • Enabling meaningful beneficiary participation
  • Strengthen the demand-side of local level governance and community-based organisations

Innovation Factor: utilising a suite of technologies – mobile telephony, internet, on-line communities and social media, geo-mapping – to foster beneficiary participation in development and humanitarian interventions, by encouraging beneficiaries to “express their demands, aspirations, engaging in the process of formulation of humanitarian interventions, planning, monitoring and evaluation”.

Added Value: enhancing the efficiency of third party monitoring, used in the context of remote management, by adding peer monitoring and beneficiary monitoring.

Key Deliverables / Impact:

  • Wider availably of data and information about humanitarian interventions in remote managed contexts
  • Encourage a culture of accountability and transparency
  • Enhancing the demand side of local governance

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