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Caetano Dorea tells the HIF about the inclined plate settler, a water treatment product adapted for emergency context.


The “Origami” Inclined Plate Settler

Organisation: Université Laval

Partners: Oxfam GB

Location: Global

Type of grant: Core – development

Status: Completed

  • prototype

  • Plate settler graphic

  • Origmani

  • Inclined Plate setter 2015

  • Inclined Plate Seter 2015

Summary: A fit-for-purpose humanitarian emergency water treatment system based on the principles of inclined plate settling.

Challenge(s) addressed: This innovation addresses the inadequacies of current water treatment technologies, which are frequently not aligned with humanitarian objectives; resulting in unnecessarily expensive and sometimes ineffective relief.

Innovation Factor: Plate settling principles allow for relatively higher loading rates and consequentially a higher treated water production yield within a smaller footprint. By making the unit collapsible, setup times and transportation costs can also be reduced.

Added Value: Ultimately, larger volumes of water can be produced within SPHERE Standard water quality levels using a relatively low-cost and simple treatment process.

Innovation Phases Description:

  • Development: Development of a collapsible emergency water treatment system using inclined plate settling principles in partnership with relevant stakeholders (e.g. relief agencies, water treatment industry).
  • Implementation: Design, testing, validation, and implementation of the proposed technology in humanitarian relief contexts.

Key Deliverables / Impact:

  • The principle deliverable is the Origami water treatment kit itself.
  • During the development of the water treatment system and its performance evaluation, a testing protocol for this kit will be established to aid in the development of other water treatment innovations.
  • Additionally, project findings will be disseminated through appropriate fora.

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