Magnitude and severity of abortion-related complications and factors associated with severe and near miss events in four African humanitarian settings

Grant awarded: £521,367

Lead organisation: Ipas

Partnering organisations: Guttmacher Institute, MSF/Epicentre

Project length: 2018-2021

Study locations: TBD

Principal Investigator: Tamara Fetters


The study will describe and estimate the burden of all postabortion complications, particularly severe complications, near-miss complications and deaths, and factors associated with severe morbidity among women admitted for postabortion care (PAC) in four Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) facilities in Africa.

Expected outcomes:

The research is expected to generate evidence highlighting the magnitude and severity of abortion-related complications and will provide extensive details on the trajectories that led women to experience severe and near-miss abortion-related complications in four African humanitarian settings. The research will highlight the challenges and barriers to health care experienced by women seeking PAC in these settings.

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