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Knowledge Point is a collaborative question and answer platform for humanitarian and development workers


KnowledgePoint: life-saving expertise across the globe

Organisation: IRC International Water & Sanitation Centre

Partners: WaterAid, Practical Action, RedR UK, EngineerAid, IRC

Location: Global

Type of grant: Core – invention

Status: Completed

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To bring greater efficiency and effectiveness to the provision of expert support in humanitarian response by enabling cross-organisational collaboration, and local partners’ and beneficiaries’ participation.

Challenge(s) addressed

•         Existing and future high demand for reliable and timely expertise in field operations from those who need critical, technical advice or information

•         Duplication and inefficiency in having isolated support services

Innovation Factor

developing and implementing shared processes and a supporting platform, allowing local stakeholders and international organisations to pool technical expertise, delivering and tracking life-saving information responses.

Added Value

Increasing the range of expertise open to enquirers, raising peak direct support capacity during emergency response, improving links to and utilisation of existing knowledge bases, providing a range of data on enquiry levels and type.

Innovation Phases Description:

  • 3 – Development of process and tool, including extensive piloting, and;
  • 4 – Implementation in WASH sector organisations, and promotion of the innovation within and beyond the sector.

Key Deliverables / Impact:

Deliverables for this phase include:

  • To develop and pilot KnowledgePoint in a range of environments, and to use the learning to ensure the process and software are ready for implementation
  • To support the full implementation of KnowledgePoint within organisations,  enabling technical support services to become more integrated, more collaborative and more reciprocal between stakeholders

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