Evaluating an integrated approach to intimate partner violence and psychosocial health in refugees

Grant awarded: £209,300

Lead organisation: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Partnering organisations: UNHCR; Muhimbili University; University of New South Wales; Tanzanian Red Cross - initially then changed partner to IRC Tanzania

Project length: 2014-2016

Study locations: Tanzania

Principal Investigator: Wietse A. Tol, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


This study aims to inform public health responses to humanitarian crises, particularly with regard to psychosocial issues such as intimate partner violence (IPV). It includes a randomized controlled trial of an integrated intervention that simultaneously targets IPV and its psychosocial health consequences in a refugee camp in a low-income country. It will increase knowledge on task shifting, and make possible improved operational research to strengthen knowledge and public mental health interventions.

Expected outcomes:

The project will make available a number of research tools that can be used by UNHCR in Tanzania to strengthen operational research. It will also produce tools to screen for and more fully assess IPV. More generally, the project will generate knowledge on the effectiveness of an integrated mental health and IPV reduction intervention, implemented by community health and community services workers in routine service provision.


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