The Humanitarian Lessons-learned Genome Project 1.0 – Facilitating the full use of evaluative processes in the humanitarian sector

Organisation: University of Groningen

Partners: The Emergency Capacity Building Project (ECB) and others

Location: Global

Type of grant: Core – development

Status: Completed

  • The HG team

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Summary: This project is using an open-source technology to develop a cloud-based search engine for evaluation and lessons learned data in order to ensure quick access to relevant information in operational contexts.

Challenge(s) addressed:

  • Humanitarian sector criticised for a deficiency in learning and for inappropriately using evaluations
  • Need for improving ability to analyse and distil lessons from evaluative processes and documentation by practitioners

Innovation Factor: developing and implementing a prototype of a lessons-learned web based application that captures the wealth of evaluative data available in the humanitarian sector.

Added Value: taking the possibility to learn from evaluative activities a step further by facilitating easily accessible, rapid, focused and constructive evaluation knowledge that is generated from information extracted from years of experience of humanitarian actors.

Key Deliverables / Impact:

  • Availability of the prototype of the Humanitarian Genome 1.0, associated expert database, aggregated sector-wide patterns and related search engine to the humanitarian sector to enhance the utilisation of lessons (at the least)
  • Delivery of the contours of an automatic coding device, which would provide insight into future possibilities to automatically upload and code all existing and future evaluative information onto the Genome meaning a first step towards a tremendous efficiency gain for the sector (best-case scenario)
  • Creating opportunities for learning that can facilitate the development of new or related ICT innovations in the humanitarian sector and beyond.

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