HEAT (Heat Emergency Awareness and Treatment Bundle) Trial

Grant awarded: £451,068

Lead organisation: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Partnering organisations: Aga Khan University; Aman Foundation

Project length: 2016-2018

Study locations: Korangi District of Karachi

Principal Investigator: Junaid A. Razzak

  • Community Health worker in field, Ibrahim Hyderi, Korangi, Karachi

  • Health session for females at Ibrahim Hyderi, Korangi , Karachi


The purpose of this study is to develop and test a set of interventions to reduce the impact of extreme heat on urban low-income populations. There are three main objectives: 1: To develop evidence based care strategies for management of people with exposure to extreme heat (EH) in both households and emergency departments in low income settings such as Pakistan; 2: To implement Heat Emergency Education and Training (HEAT) bundle in Karachi and measure its impact on a composite outcome comprising of emergency department admissions, hospital admissions and all-cause mortality 3: To determine the impact of HEAT implementation on the knowledge and care practices in households and emergency departments.

Expected outcomes:

We plan to develop and test a set of interventions called Heat Emergency Education and Treatment (HEAT), which will be designed using current evidence, international best practices, and with relevance to low resource settings. Our study will fill several critical gaps in research by carrying out the first randomized controlled trial comprised of a set of customized community- and hospital-based interventions in a low-income urban population, with inclusion of a control group of similar socio-economic status in the same city.

We will also include standardized assessment for categorizing causes of heat related morbidity and mortality, and attempt to control for some of the important external confounders by collecting data before the intervention is carried out. In order to align our research intervention with what could be done in real life, we will rely on indigenous community health mobilizers and the infrastructure present in local healthcare facilities.


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