Impact of Targeted Health Insurance on Health Service Utilization, Expenditures and Health Status among IDP Populations in Georgia

Grant awarded: £138,590

Lead organisation: Health Research Union

Partnering organisations: Abkhazeti

Project length: 2015-2017

Study locations: Georgia

Principal Investigator: Maia Butsashvili


The research is intended to evaluate impact of targeted health insurance (THI) on health of individuals affected by the humanitarian crisis. Internationally, evidence on the impact of provision of health insurance to individuals affected by humanitarian crisis, which is one of the major forms of health financing, is very scarce. The selected methodology for this research employs routine surveillance tools that will allow the comparability of the results with general population and has established a baseline.

During the study Health Utilization and Expenditures Survey will be conducted to measure differential outcomes for internally displaced persons covered by the targeted health insurance program compared with the general population.

According to the World Health Organization (2011) at least 55 countries routinely collect data on private health expenditures and utilization using household survey tools. Using standardized method to identify characteristics of sub-group of population (IDPs) provides benefit of comparability with general public, as well as simplifies some of the methodological barriers and reduces costs of administering a study.

Expected outcomes:

The research is intended to produce number of publications on the finding to be published in peer-reviewed journals.


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