Effective Monitoring for Insecure and Remotely-managed Projects

Organisation: Tearfund

Location: Afghanistan

Type of grant: Core – recognition

Status: Completed

Summary: Improving the quality of project monitoring where activities and outputs are managed remotely.

Challenge(s) addressed:

  • Deterioration in security has led increasing numbers of humanitarian agencies to adopt systems of remote management allowing humanitarian assistance to civilian populations, whilst removing portions of their staff from harm’s way.
  • Ensuring effective project monitoring, quality management, and beneficiary accountability systems for projects that are implemented in insecure environments and which rely on systems of remote management.

Innovation Factor: development of a practical remote management option for effective project monitoring.

Added Value: Engage humanitarian actors from a variety of international non-government organisations, donor agencies, and research institutions, operating both within Afghanistan as well as in complex political emergencies in other parts of the world; the research and remote monitoring options that are developed will be shared more widely in the international humanitarian community, so as to utilise this significant learning.

Innovation Phases Description:

  1. Recognition: Critically evaluate remote monitoring practices, so as to determine the extent to which recent adaptations are meeting the challenge of ensuring quality project implementation in insecure areas and identify an opportunity for a new solution in remote monitoring. (Research, consultation and peer review)
  2. Invention: Creation of appropriate solution to the issues and problems faced in remotely monitored projects.

Key Deliverables / Impact:

  • Significant previous learning researched and documented regarding the practices of monitoring and quality management in situations of acute insecurity, where humanitarian projects are managed remotely.
  • Approaches to assuring beneficiary accountability in situations of remote management critically analysed, with lessons learned drawn out and shared amongst the wider humanitarian community.
  • Participatory, demand-led approach to research and development of remote-monitoring and beneficiary accountability good practice, with significant focus on peer review and consultation.

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