Determinants of functional outcomes after trauma in humanitarian settings

Grant awarded: £350,385

Lead organisation: Humanity & Inclusion UK

Partnering organisations: Médecins Sans Frontières, Karolinska Institute, Handicap International

Project length: 2018-2021

Study locations: Afghanistan, Iraq, Burundi, South Sudan and Haiti

Principal Investigator: Bérangère Gohy


The research aims to assess functional outcomes of trauma patients in humanitarian settings and analyse the determinants of these outcomes. The study has three specific objectives:-
- To develop a cross-culturally valid and reliable functional score for trauma patients in emergency settings,
- To evaluate trauma patients’ functional outcomes at 3 and 6 months after trauma,
- To identify socio-demographic, clinical and care-related determinants of short and middle-term functional outcomes among trauma patients.

Expected outcomes:

A valid functional score for trauma patients in humanitarian settings: The study will assess and validate the modified functional score that was empirically developed in 2011 by field teams in Kunduz. Revisions of the score are currently ongoing within the research consortium, and by the start of this project a revised version will be ready for validation.

Phase 1 of this study will produce a cross-culturally valid, reliable and easy to use functional score for trauma patients in humanitarian settings. The functional score will set a new standard to monitor, evaluate, and report on trauma cases and rehabilitation measures in the field.

A better understanding of the main determinants of functional outcomes of trauma patients in humanitarian settings: Phase 2 of the study will identify drivers of optimal functional recovery. A particular emphasis will be placed on the association between a positive outcome and the timeliness and intensity of rehabilitation.

Gradual roll-out of the validated functional score and extensive hands-on experience for health and rehabilitation actors on the ground, through on-site and remote training and practical guidance on how to use the score.

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