Investigation of HEV Transmission Dynamics and Epidemic Evolution to Improve Outbreak Control Efforts Among Emergency Affected Population

Grant awarded: £389,711

Lead organisation: CDC Foundation

Partnering organisations: Centers for Disease Control (CDC); London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Project length: 2015-2017

Study locations: Worldwide (Likely to be East/Central Africa)

Principal Investigator: Dr Thomas Handzel, CDC Foundation

  • Cattle come to water at a river where partner agency SWAP - Safe Water and AIDS Project - is selling purified water in the village of Nyando, Kenya. CDC support SWAP's efforts to impact the health of locals through a range of health products - in this case, water purification packets that turn this muddy river water into clean, safe drinking water in 30 minutes.

  • The site of a water purification project run by CDC partner agency SWAP - Safe Water and AIDS Projet. SWAP is purifying river water and working to explain to locals the necessity of cleaning water before you drink it, as well as selling a range of health care products to local women's groups that they in turn mark up and resell for a small profit, while also having a positive impact on the health of locals.


Determine primary routes of hepatitis E virus (HEV) transmission and spread through epidemiologic and environmental investigations during a HEV outbreak among emergency affected persons, including pregnant women. The research will also determine the effectiveness of chlorine disinfection to inactivate HEV.

Expected outcomes:

Describe the spread of HEV throughout the camp and within households, describe risk factor for HEV acquisitions through epidemiologic and environmental investigations, determine susceptibility of HEV to chlorine, recommend specific interventions that reduce HEV transmission among current and future emergency-affected populations.

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